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The objective of this platform is to make Mauritian Law understandable, to serve as an informative tool and to answer the basic questions that come up again and again.This platform will never replace expert legal advice, but will place the reader in a position to make more informed decisions and to know exactly the time when to consult a legal practitioner.


The topics addressed will cover many aspects of daily life and the platform will be divided into three categories; public law, private law and commercial law. From time to time there will also be practical tips for law/bar students and recommendations on useful books, courses and resources. Finally there will also be updates on important news in the Indian Ocean Region and Africa.


Public Law

Mauritius Constitutional Law/ Administrative Law, Mauritius Island

Public Law provides the framework that regulates the relationship of a citizen with the State. This includes amongst others administrative law, constitutional law, criminal law, local, public international law.

Private Law

Mauritian Private Law/ Mauritius Contract Law/Divorce/Tort

Private Law is part of the law that governs the relationships and disputes between the private citizens. This includes the law of property, succession, civil law, contract and tort amongst others.

Commercial Law

Tax Law in Mauritius/ Corporate Law in Mauritius

Commercial Law provides the framework that corporations or merchants must follow to conduct business. This includes corporate law, banking, securities, maritime law, tax law amongst others.