COVID-19-Updates · 16. April 2020
Sub-Saharan Africa is facing an unprecedented health and economic crisis. One that threatens to throw the region off its stride, reversing the develop- ment progress of recent years. Furthermore, by exacting a heavy human toll, upending livelihoods, and damaging business and government balance sheets, the crisis could retard the region’s growth prospects in the years to come. No country will be spared.

COVID-19-Updates · 01. April 2020
Given that the sanitary curfew has been extended till the 4th May 2020, the enforcement measures will be discussed in this article.

COVID-19-Updates · 23. March 2020
Any person who:- is found outdoor in breach of this curfew order; is found outdoors for a purpose other than availing himself of urgent medical treatment, essential supplies, foodstuff, medicine or any other item essential for their subsistence or livelihood; or breaches any condition of a permit issued by the Commissioner of Police, shall commit an offence under the laws of the Republic of Mauritius and shall be liable to a fine and IMPRISONMENT for a maximum term of 6 months

COVID-19-Updates · 21. March 2020
The Mauritius Revenue Authority (MRA) wishes to inform the public that given the lockdown prevailing in Mauritius, a dedicated team of MRA staff is working to maintain all essential services that MRA offers to its stakeholders.

COVID-19-Updates · 21. March 2020
Pursuant to the lockdown in the Republic of Mauritius, the Head of State of the country through the Mauritius Broadcasting Corporation announced measures to be adopted during the confinement period of all Homo Sapiens on Mauritian grounds. In order for the state to have the legal framework to operate, co-ordinate, mitigate and prevent the spread of our invisible enemy, the Prevention and Mitigation of Infectious Disease(Coronavirus) Regulations 2020 has been adopted on the 20th March 2020.