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Employment Law · 24. October 2019
As at today, The Workers' Rights Act 2019 has replaced the Employment Rights Act 2008 and will be governing the relationship between employees, employer and the State. However Part VIII of the Workers' Rights Act 2019 will come into operation on the 1st January 2020.

General Information · 28. June 2018
The aim of a protection order is to protect the applicant against the abuse of the respondent. The court can prevent the respondent from committing any further act of domestic violence and can also forbid the respondent from entering the shared household, or a specified part of it.

Employment Law · 11. April 2018
A contract checklist is a step-by-step list that will place both the employer and the employee on the same page and will greatly help in better communication, realistic expectations and a good contractual relationship.

General Information · 14. March 2018
An applicant wishing to enforce a foreign judgment will have to initiate actions before the Supreme Court of Mauritius by way of motion supported by an affidavit humbly asking the Court for an order making executory a judgment delivered outside the Republic of Mauritius. The affidavit will be supported by a duly authenticated copy of the judgment evidence to show that it is a final one and where possible there will also be a certificate of no appeal.

General Information · 27. February 2018
There may be criminal negligence where there is a case of death or serious injury to a patient. The degree of negligence must be so grave as to go beyond a matter of compensation. The doctor may be prosecuted by the police and charged in a criminal court

Employment Law · 25. February 2018
A disciplinary hearing will be required for justified termination before an employer terminates its employee's contract of employment.

General Information · 30. January 2018
The Barrister is to make sure that before the Petition of Divorce is before the Honourable Judge, that all the averments and documents in the brief is genuine and also to add any further information that the client may not have raised with the Attorney. Furthermore, the Barrister will be present on the day that the petition of divorce will be heard (Merits) as he/she will be the one to plead in court.