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Construction/Real Estate · 14. May 2020
As at the 15th May 2020, there will be a partial opening of the economy in Mauritius and in line with the best practices the Building and Civil Engineering Contractors Association (BACECA) has published its guidelines for post-confinement in the construction industry and this has also been shared on the website of the Construction Industry Development Board.

Employment Law · 20. August 2019
We all have at least once heard about " A bad settlement is better than a good lawsuit" but however in an employment dispute if both the employer and the employee agree, the best way is to enter into a settlement agreement.

Construction/Real Estate · 09. September 2018
The moment the tenant move into the rented premises or arrange to move into the premises in exchange for rent, there is already a verbal agreement in place. Although the verbal agreement is valid and binding, it is strongly advised that a written agreement be concluded.

Employment Law · 11. April 2018
A contract checklist is a step-by-step list that will place both the employer and the employee on the same page and will greatly help in better communication, realistic expectations and a good contractual relationship.