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General Information · 15. July 2019
Custody of a child is usually a concern when a couple decides to petition for a divorce or that they are no more living together. Before the divorce, both parents will have full parental rights and responsibilities if nothing has been decided yet by the court pending the divorce procedures. The parents will still be equal guardians after the divorce even f they live apart. For the determination of the custody it is the Supreme Court(Family Division) that will adjudicate upon who will be the...

General Information · 30. January 2018
The Barrister is to make sure that before the Petition of Divorce is before the Honourable Judge, that all the averments and documents in the brief is genuine and also to add any further information that the client may not have raised with the Attorney. Furthermore, the Barrister will be present on the day that the petition of divorce will be heard (Merits) as he/she will be the one to plead in court.