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General Information · 12. November 2018
Having a pre-nuptial agreement is not a tool only for the HNWIs (High Net Worth Individuals) or is in a way an indication of a lack of trust but instead a long term estate planning. This regime will most commonly apply where there are business interests involved, a large estate to administer or an investment portfolio and income is generated.

Employment Law · 11. April 2018
A contract checklist is a step-by-step list that will place both the employer and the employee on the same page and will greatly help in better communication, realistic expectations and a good contractual relationship.

General Information · 14. March 2018
An applicant wishing to enforce a foreign judgment will have to initiate actions before the Supreme Court of Mauritius by way of motion supported by an affidavit humbly asking the Court for an order making executory a judgment delivered outside the Republic of Mauritius. The affidavit will be supported by a duly authenticated copy of the judgment evidence to show that it is a final one and where possible there will also be a certificate of no appeal.

General Information · 27. February 2018
There may be criminal negligence where there is a case of death or serious injury to a patient. The degree of negligence must be so grave as to go beyond a matter of compensation. The doctor may be prosecuted by the police and charged in a criminal court