Prevailing Curfew Order in the Republic of Mauritius.

The security, health and wellbeing  of every individual present on territories falling under the sovereignty of the Republic of Mauritius is of top most priority. The Government of Mauritius through the Minister of Health have imposed a curfew order under the Regulation 14(1) of the Prevention and Mitigation of Infectious Diseases (Coronavirus) Regulations 2020.


No person shall remain outdoors in Mauritius as from the 23rd March 2020 at 20 00 hrs until the 2nd April at 20 00 hrs. The curfew order has been extended till the 15th April 2020 at 20 00 hrs  This curfew order is being imposed in the interest of the public health and to protect the Mauritian population. Members of the public are urged to be self-disciplined and to cooperate with the authorities and not to remain outdoors unless their presence outside their homes is strictly necessary to avail themselves of urgent medical treatment, essential supplies, foodstuff, medicine or any other item essential for their subsistence or livelihood.


Exceptions to this Curfew Order

  • such judicial officers in respect of such minimum judicial services as the Chief Justice deems essential, and such employees of the public sector, including Ministries and Government Departments, public enterprises and statutory bodies, providing essential services to the public as may be designated by the Head of the Public bodies concerned;and
  • employees of the private sector providing strictly essential minimum services

The Commissioner of Police may subject to terms and conditions as he may impose, issue permits to the persons referred above where he is satisfied that the presence of such person is warranted for provision of essential minimum services.


Consequences of not respecting the Curfew Order

Any person who:-

  1. is found outdoor in breach of this curfew order;
  2. is found outdoors for a purpose other than availing himself of urgent medical treatment, essential supplies, foodstuff, medicine or any other item essential for their subsistence or livelihood; or
  3. breaches any condition of a permit issued by the Commissioner of Police,

shall commit an offence under the laws of the Republic of Mauritius and shall be liable to a fine and IMPRISONMENT for a maximum term of 6 months.